What we offer...

We offer two different types of membership, depending on what you want to do!

CASUAL MEMBERS pay an admin charge of £5 a year. This enables them to attend any of our activities during weekend or holiday times on a 'pay as you go' basis. Casual members aged year 8 or older can also attend weekly meetings for a fixed fee. This level of membership is suitable for people who want to attend occasional events, or who may have existing commitments on a Friday evening.

FULL MEMBERS pay a fixed fee of around £45 a term. This enables them to attend all of our usual weekly meetings for no extra charge, and receive information about our holiday/weekend activities which are available to them on a 'pay as you go' basis.

WEEKLY MEETINGS are a mixture of structured and unstructured activities. Unstructured weeks are a bit like a traditional youth club - we offer activities like table tennis, snooker, tuck shop, football, craft, badminton, table tennis, big team games etc and more! We also hire things in for some meetings like giant inflatables or special visitors

Younger members are split into activity groups to make our numbers more manageable.

On top of this we run a programme of trips and activities outside the weekly meetings. A typical term will include camping/residential trips, activities such as scuba diving, skateboarding, trips to places of interest and opportunities to learn new skills.

D of E

In addition to the above, young people aged 14 and above have the additional option to do the D of E award. Some choose to do just D of E, some choose to do just the youth club meetings whilst some choose a mixture of both!

We have several young people aged 14-18 completing their D of E service element with us by helping out at our weekly meetings for younger members.. Please get in contact with us if you would be interested in helping in this way.

Anything else?

All of our members are required to take part in one hour of commmunity service each year. This may involve things like helping out with our community litter pick, helping maintain our local open spaces or delivering leafets on behalf of other community organisations. Part of our proposal and underlying philosophy is to equip young people to make a difference in their community and we hope that through some of the activities on offer they will have opportunies to do this.